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Apple MacBook Air 2017| A1466 MQD42LL/A |Corei5 |8GB RAM |256GB SSD

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Get the perfect combination of style and power when computing with Apple MacBook Air Laptop. Powered by an Intel Core i5.Processor with a speed of 1.80 GHz that delivers powerful performance to meet your daily requirements. The 8GB RAM offers smooth multitasking when you have multiple programs running. Its 256GB SSD hard drive accommodates all of your important data efficiently. It delivers rich colored visuals on its 13.3" display with 1440 x 900 resolution. Comes preinstalled with MAC OS X that gives the user an easy, flexible, and secure computing platform used macbook air MQD42LL/A UAE. MacBook Air MQD42 (2017) is equipped with the standard Broad-well processor that Apple has frequently used in its MacBook Air and other models. Having this model you can be sure that your Air MQD42 would be very stable, and you wouldn’t feel like it lacks power or anything like that. A Dual CORE Intel Core i5 Processor is not something that can be called low power in any way, normally working at 1.8Ghz it can boost its power to 2.9Ghz using the Turbo Boost feature that automatically kicks in whenever the system is in need of more power, like while running heavy software, etc. While not a ‘Beast’ it gets the job done quickly and efficiently used macbook air MQD42LL/A UAE. MQD42 2017 comes with enough memory, whether we are talking about its SSD or RAM, that would suit the needs of an everyday user, who doesn’t do very heavy tasks (like playing memory-hungry games, or running 3D Rendering software). It has a built in LPDDR3 8GB RAM (LPDDR3 is present in all new additions that Apple released this year). Working at 1600Mhz the memory is enough for everyday tasks and then some. If you feel the need for it, you have the option to upgrade the RAM to 16GB. For more info contact us on Facebook!
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Apple MacBook Air 2017| A1466 MQD42LL/A |Corei5 |8GB RAM |256GB SSD

Dhs. 3,499.00 AED
Dhs. 1,999.00 AED

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