Trusted Apple Store In Dubai, Ipoint Creates A Positive Rage In The Electronics Niche

The world has been a witness to the rise of tons of businesses, companies and brands across sectors worldwide, but what has helped a few stand apart from the rest in ways more than one is their commitment to serving their target audience most honestly and authentically. The authenticity a few brands offer, keeping that at the core of the company, has what catapulted them to where they stand today in their respective niches.

Nothing serves as a better example than iPoint, which is the vision of a young and highly driven entrepreneur and digital creator and artist named Shargeel Khan, who, in all these years, has worked his way to the top, ensuring the creation of a unique path of success for iPoint.

Why has iPoint, as an electronics store in Dubai, attracted massive attention and recognition? Among a myriad of factors, the first reason is Shargeel Khan’s commitment as a CEO of the business to offer people the most genuine Apple products and, secondly, the customer services they offer through the same, making every customer feel valued.

It is genuinely a trusted Apple store that has become the perfect choice for all Apple products. This has helped iPoint gain enormous recognition in Dubai, where it is located. However, another important reason that has helped the brand attain a loyal clientele is its commitment to giving back to societies and communities.

During Ramzan, the team at iPoint, under the leadership of Shargeel Khan, provides people with necessities through meaningful charities. The recent honor they received through the Ministry of Interior also turned more heads towards Shargeel Khan and iPoint.

Shargeel Khan received a certificate of participation in recognition of their valued participation in making 28th August 2023 an Accident-Free Day. He is overwhelmed by the honor he has received and looks forward to doing more for the people in Dubai.

Through iPoint (, he wants to level up the niche in electronics for Apple products in Dubai and continue astounding people with the best Apple products in the country.


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